Ohman Channels Caray

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In all likelihood, Will Ohman will be traded before the sun comes up on Friday morning. We’ll miss those Harry Caray lineups and fake mustaches.




If you have any rumors or players your hoping for us to pick up please leave them in comments. We’ll let you know what we hear as the countdown finishes up for the July 31st trade deadline.

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9 Responses to “Ohman Channels Caray”

  1. Hmmm…players the Braves need to pick up…

    Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Gibson, Tony Gwynn, Lou Gehrig…

    Yes, I’m being facetious. Honestly, not much on the market at the moment. I mean, what could we get for Ohman? Any of the aforementioned players? Doubt it…

    I don’t plan to see many juicy carrots bein’ dangled in front of Frankie’s nose at the moment…but then again, they don’t consult me before these decisions. Sigh.

    And I’m not the best person to whom this question should be posed. I don’t do well with change, especially when it comes to my team. I’m a sad case, I know….

    So what do other JB fans have to say???

  2. I hope they can squeeze some team and pick up a couple quality prospects.

    He’s a really good guy with a great personality, but if the Braves can turn him into some pitching prospects, then the move would be wise.

  3. Not going to get a ton for Ohman, despite the fact he’s had a great season (and does a mean Harry impersonation).

    I really wish the Braves would try to keep him and sign him in the offseason, but they’re going to need every dime of the cash coming off the books to get 1.) a top-of-the-rotation starter (I’d go after CC), and 2.) a power-hitting left fielder.

    Egads, it’s gonna be a loooooooooong two months.


  4. B+ Prospect. Hopefully of the Starting Pitcher variety.

  5. JB, in my opinion, I think that they will not get much for him. With that said, I honestly think that Brandon Jones will be the starting left fielder for next year. I think that from what the Braves saw of him the last time up he looked better. I also think that they should put Kotsay on the chopping block and stick Blanco in center field and give him the lead off role. If you do that, it will allow for the Braves to find the pitcher that they need. And another option for them is they can always go after a good third baseman and put Chipper at first to cut down on his injuries. just my .02 worth.

  6. Here is the video of Will Ohman doing Harry Caray

  7. The Ohman/Caray impersonation was pretty much awesome. Looks like we won’t have many more of those though. Slow trade day so far.


  8. Slow trade day so far, but still a few hours to go. I’m looking for a couple of big trades to fall still. I’ll miss the Caray impersonations though, that was awesome.


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